Chilterns bright dining room 

Light sunny and airy. Enjoy a full cooked to order 5* breakfast promptly served by your waitress at your very own table. Freshly cooked lighter bites are also available.

A comfy seat awaits you in our fresh sunny dining room

Your friendly waitress, (Pat), will serve to your table hot beverages, juice and cereals, following on with a 
delicious piping hot breakfast of your choosing, hot toast and preserves

We always use fresh white tablecloths

Vegetarian breafast  served piping hot to your individual table! We also offer vegetarians sweet potato wedges if desired 

Full cooked breakfast

Full piping hot breakfast served with fresh free range scrambled egg and our famous lightly oven baked fried bread

Vegetarian full breakfast

Vegan, Vegetarian, lighter bites, special diets Try our highly regarded full vegetarian breakfast!  It's all about you!

Full cooked breakfast

Our hot breakfast, served with fresh free range fried egg and our well renowned lightly oven baked fried bread

Simply Beans!

  Not overly hungry?
It's all about you! Full of fibre,  
beans served on white or wholemeal buttered toast are always a staple go to and a healthy choice too! Lighter bites option. 

Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs served on a Toasted Bagel

Lighter bites? It's all about you!
Our Scottish smoked salmon with fresh scrambled eggs on a toasted bagel always goes down well!

Poached Egg & Beans

Piping hot fresh poached egg served with baked beans on toast, or just poached eggs on white or wholemeal buttered toast.
  It's all about you! Lighter bites option.